Okay this is incredibly cringey and very long so I’m sorry in advance, but this email was one of, if not the, most defining moment of my life. This was the email I sent to LiftMeUp, the barn I volunteered up from age 11 (yes, I lied in my email! I wanted to seem older!) until my junior year of high school. Here I learned about horses for the first time, made amazing memories, learned so much more than I can imagine, and most importantly- made friendships that I have to this day. I met three girls who are still my best friends at this barn. At the time I wanted to volunteer because my parents wouldn’t allow me to take horseback riding lessons and I was desperate to spend any possible time with horses. LiftMeUp cemented my passion and introduced me to people who became critical in helping me achieve my goals of being an equestrian.
I’m so proud to say that exactly a week ago today, I bought my first horse. I guarantee it wouldn’t have been possible if 11 year old me hadn’t stuck her neck out and sent this email!

My Daily Creates

Through Slack, I have discovered “daily creates,” which I think are my new favorite thing. I had a hard time picking a few to do, because they were all so fun (my friends and I sat around my kitchen table laughing at the prompts.)
These were a few of the prompts I picked on my first time around!


“This is my favorite photo from my Colorado trip. We spent a ton of time riding, and riding with the mountains in the back felt super authentic.”